Cleaning for Smarties: Clean Your Home the Right Way

Everyone wants to live in a clean home, but it can be hard to maintain. If you’re looking for tips on how to keep your living space neat and tidy, then this blog post is just for you! We will discuss the best ways that homeowners should be cleaning their homes so that they are always fresh and orderly.

1) Always start by picking up any clutter from the floor or furniture first before anything else.

It is said that you should pick up any clutter from the floor or furniture before anything else. You will be surprised at how much easier it can make cleaning your home if you simply pick up any clutter first. Always start by picking up and putting away all of the things on tables, counters, floors and sofas before doing anything else to clean a room in your house. It makes everything else go more smoothly when there isn’t stuff everywhere! And most importantly: clear off table tops too!! If we don’t do this step, then nothing gets done right since there are permanent stains shaped like cups & glasses left behind no matter what kind of cleaner we use.

2) Next, vacuum all carpets and rugs thoroughly using rotating brush attachments if possible.

If you have pets, then it is important to vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly using rotating brush attachments if possible. It may seem like a hassle or take up too much time, but vacuuming your carpet well will remove the odor that comes with pet hair left over in all of those little nooks & crannies around your home. Plus, it’ll make them look new again! If you do not own a pet but someone else does who visits often (like your mother-in-law), this step can help prevent lingering odors from other people’s homes as well – especially ones with smoking problems since smoke takes longer to go away than any other type of smell.

3) Clean your home’s windows, mirrors and glass surfaces with newspapers.

Mirrors are another thing that should be cleaned using newspaper. Cleaning any type of window or mirror can prove to be challenging because it is difficult getting them streak-free if you do not use the right kind of cleaner like vinegar & water (mix in a spray bottle). We don’t recommend Windex since it does contain chemicals for example; instead, we suggest white vinegar mixed with equal parts water – all natural! If possible, always clean one surface at a time so nothing gets missed so nothing ever goes unnoticed. Newspaper can help prevent streaking too which makes cleaning anything else afterwards much easier.

With these basic tips, cleaning your home should be a piece of cake!

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