Major fires breaking out in Southern California

Explosive fires breaking out in Southern California right now. It’s usually the wet season by December but no rain in sight this week. Santa Ana winds instead are spreading violent wildfires which have destroyed dozens of structures and threatening thousands more. One person has died thus far. No relief expected this week as strong high pressure builds over the Western US (coinciding with the deep trough over the East).

Speaking of which, the weather has finally turned colder after very abnormally warm temps on the Plains. Traveling with my fiancé and son today to Minnesota from Nebraska to look for a new place to live. We are moving to St. Cloud January 1st so we can be closer to my family in nearby Minneapolis and I will start a second masters at St. Cloud State. Highs in Eastern Nebraska will be largely near normal today (near 40) before turning colder the rest of the work week. Central MN will see similar departures below normal…after much of the region had huge departures above normal (over 20 degrees in many cases) for days. A general pattern seen for much of the country in the month of November.

—Meteorologist Nick Humphrey


Author: Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

Meteorologist and geoscientist in Lincoln, NE. Seattle, WA native. Love weather, storm chasing/photography and planetary science.

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