Damage from Hurricane Irma in the US Virgin Islands

These photos are from FEMA who are assessing the significant damage in the USVI of St. Thomas. Irma moved near the USVI as a Category 5 Hurricane (max winds 185 mph) while it also caused violent impacts to the British Virgin Islands.



The defoliation of many of these Caribbean is significant. Similar views can be seen in Barbuda, St. Martin, Turks and Caicos and of course the southern Florida Keys. In addition, Barbuda has been completely evacuated of its population of 1600 until later recovery efforts. This is the first time in 300 years that the island has not had a permanent population.

And now a new cyclone…Tropical Storm Maria… is threatening to move through the Leeward Is. and toward Puerto Rico as a hurricane this week. 

And there’s also Hurricane Jose, which is potentially eying coastal New England within the historic track error for the center of circulation. Regardless, high surf and dangerous rip currents will impact much of the mid-Atlantic and New England to Atlantic Canada this week. As the system moves north, it will also grow in size, tropical storm force winds may impact coastal Long Island to Massachusetts,  particularly if the system moves to the left of the current forecast.

Rough year for a lot of people this hurricane season. Hopefully less so from here on out while recovery efforts continue.


Author: Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

Meteorologist and geoscientist in Lincoln, NE. Seattle, WA native. Love weather, storm chasing/photography and planetary science.

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