My God…

Estimated 5-day total rainfall from Hurricane Harvey. In most tropical events, the light blue on this color scheme (12-16 inches) would be highly significant. And for many of subregions on this map, the bulk of rainfall fell in just 3 days. Again that would be significant alone. Here a wide swath of land was doused in in up 1 1/3 ft of rain from San Marcos, TX south to the coast and east of Lake Charles, LA. Within that rainfall totals turn into something nightmares are made of. Again much fell in subregions within 3 days. Beaumont, TX received nearly 2 feet of rain in 24 hrs yesterday where catastrophic flooding is in progress.

By Jordan Tessler for Capitol Weather Gang.

Flooding in Port Arthur this morning as witnessed by @MayorofPA on Twitter.
Flooding in Port Arthur as seen by @OliverTerry on Twitter.

–Meteorologist Nick Humphrey 


Author: Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

Meteorologist and geoscientist in Lincoln, NE. Seattle, WA native. Love weather, storm chasing/photography and planetary science.

2 thoughts on “My God…”

    1. It really is…amolously warm sea surface temps, leading to very high precipitable water in its air mass allowed Harvey to be a very efficient rain maker. Couple that with a weak jet stream around a powerful blocking ridge over the West and its slow motion and as a recipe for a mega-flood disaster.

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