3 pm CDT Update on Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey is now a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph. It is expected to make landfall on the Texas coast, possibility north of Corpus Christi sometime late tonight…likely as a Category 3 or 4 storm. This will be a devastating landfall event followed by a terrible inland flood event. 

Hurricane Harvey at 1:45 pm CDT.

Radar image of Harvey while located roughly 65 miles away from Corpus Christi, TX. The inner eyewall mentioned in the post this morning has since dissipated allowing for intensification. The red box was a tornado warning within one of the rainbands, common with landfalling tropical cyclones.

If it makes landfall as a major hurricane (Cat 3+) it will be the first to do so in the United States since Hurricane Wilma in Florida in October 2005 and the first in the State of Texas since Hurricane Bret in 1999 (Cat 3 Hurricane Wilma is considered to have made landfall on the Louisiana side of the LA-TX border in 2005).


Author: Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

Meteorologist and geoscientist in Lincoln, NE. Seattle, WA native. Love weather, storm chasing/photography and planetary science.

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